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Global Cooling Inc. can help you with any ventilation issue in your facility. We install and maintain exhaust and make-up air fans.

Make-up Air Units

This product is great for buildings, offices, restaurants or schools.
This unit will help maintain good indoor air quality.
A commercial make-up air unit will meet all ASHRAE mandated ventilation rates, as well as offset the negative pressure associated with buildings with exhaust fans.

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans help eliminate odors and improve indoor air quality.
Exhaust fans can also help remove moisture which can help reduce mold, mildew bacteria and associated problems.


Low humidity dries your skin, makes your eyes itchy and in some cases can cause sinus problems.
Furniture and art can be ruined by low levels of humidity.
Steam humidifiers will supply clean steam into your duct system.

Duct Installation

A common mistake by most people is overlooking the duct work designed in their home/ business.
You might have the most efficient or expensive system but if the duct size or design is not accurate, your desired temperature will never be reached.
Global Cooling Inc. can design and install all sheet metal duct work required for your home or business.