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Gas Furnace

Global Cooling Inc. currently offers products starting at an 80% AFUE rating and going up to 96.6%.
Higher AFUE furnaces can significantly reduce your gas bill.
We offer many furnaces with variable and multi-speed features that can provide enhanced indoor comfort by gradually ramping up your thermostat setting rather than simply turning on at full speed.

Heat Pump

These systems are ideal for your home because they work to provide both heating and cooling.
Heat pumps have a SEER rating like air conditioning as well as a heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) rating for measuring heating efficiency. Higher SEER and HSPF ratings mean greater energy savings.
Heat pump systems work the same as air conditioning systems only in reverse to supply hot air into your home.
This system features options at variable fan speeds with a two-stage compressor.
This feature improves the comfort level in your home and adds energy savings.

Electric Duct Heater

An electric duct heater is a great solution for an area with no gas.
Hot water or steam can be installed into existing duct work.

Hot Water and Steam Coils

Hot water and/or steam coils are usually installed in existing duct work or in some cases on a unit’s filter rack.
The steam on water line is connected to coil.